Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eclipse One-on-One

A. Client
Eclipse One-on-One

B. What do they do?
The gym provides a 'cutting-edge fitness gallery for physical transformation on a personal level.'

C. Who is their main competitor(s)?
Most common competitors in the Atlanta Area are: Gold's Gym, LA Fitness, Just Fitness 4 You, Bally's, Australian Body Works and The Gym of Buckhead.

D. What strengths do they have as a brand?
-They serve the Atlanta Metro Area but focus on their immediate community of Buckhead where they are located.
-Trainers can at the client's request come to them and train clients in the comfort of their own home.
-Their vision is to train individuals with a holistic approach.
-Trainers are very diverse and each one specializes in something unique (Trainers in essence tailor to your needs).

E. In what areas do they need improvement?

F. List five buzzwords that describe the brand as it is, and then five words to describe the brand as you wish to redesign it.
BUZZWORDS: Personal, Cutting-Edge, Holistic Transformation, Innovation, Classy.
BUZZWORDS(Re-Design): Unique/Cutting-Edge, Personal/Welcoming, Fitness Mavericks, Holistic Transformation, Lifestyle.

G. Who is their target audience?
The gym does not discriminate any client on any grounds. However, most of their clients seem to be fitness enthusiasts, athletes and local celebrities.

H. Mood Board Collage for Re-Design:

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